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HanRun Electronics Co., Ltd.
HanRun Electronics Co., Ltd. is a reliable and ISO9001 certified manufacturer specialized in design, manufacture and marketing of various transformers, filters, Inductors and other magnetic components used for Networking, Telecommunication, Power Supply and Inverter etc. We are offering the highest standard of service, stable quality products and cost effective solutions.

Contact Technology Corp.

Established in 1998, our main products are including tact switch, slide switch, detector switch, earphone jack and DC jack....etc. Our product application scope has covered the computer information industry, telecommunication communication industry, customer electronics industry, digital household industry and car kit industry....etc.

Chuan-Yi Enterprise
 Was established in June 1995. We’ve been in the power connector production business for more than 2 decades. Guan-Yin Enterprise Co. Ltd. was first established in 1979; Sixteen years later, the company name was then modified to Chuan-Yi.Chuan-Yi’s production of pins, communication accessories, computer connecter (D-sub connectors, Coaxial, power connectors) MCX, MMCX, SMA, adapters, etc… has a long history in the market.

F-Time Co., Ltd.
 Professional RF connector / Antenna designer and manufacturer which was organized by a leading pioneer design team. certified by ISO9001 in 2005